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The Avant Garde Returns by AegisAvantGarde The Avant Garde Returns by AegisAvantGarde
Polaroid 600, Impossible 600 Film

Well i'm back, I made it a decision that life without art is not life. I dislike the word art, it sounds a little vain in comparison to what the act of creating art is. I like to think of art more like the way of being able to see, feel and then portray the beauty of life. People who are able to create masterpieces or such rare beautiful gems from scenes from everyday life show the actual potential of every human being to turn their own ordinary existence in a wonderful and intense experience. 

Many of us here in da have daytime jobs and search for time to do art, or perhaps you are art students, but at some point we search for a meaning to life beyond paying bills and the occasional vacation or night out. I guess my real experiment in life has been to try out every single version of life to see which "path" was the right one. Im glad I came back to one of the first paths I chose. That is, the path to write your own story, in your own way. To make a lame analogy that everyone will understand: living life to make money and have "what everyone thinks is the dream" is like investing in a really expensive home theater and television, but in the end not having any good movies to watch. On the other hand, living life to have the time and peace to contemplate the simple yet important things is like owning a regular TV but having the best movies to watch. That is, that we spend so much time and effort in "having what is necessary to life a great life" and not enough time actually living a marvelous life. This ability to find great beauty and inspiration in the simple things (the only things that can genuinely make you happy) is what "art" teaches us. 
Cil0nen Featured By Owner May 8, 2016   Photographer
Hey man, glad you decided to come back! Some of your polaroids and your favorites actually made me get a polaroid camera. I didn't upload any of my polas yet, but actually i'm constantly looking trough pola-eyes wherever i am. ;)
AegisAvantGarde Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Professional Photographer
Hey, good to see you. Yeah the good thing about polas is that the negative is as big as the photo, there is literally no limit to resolution only the lens and focus. Ill look forward to seeing your polas!
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May 8, 2016
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